We are professional, honest and competent

We have the right equipment and knowledge to handle all types of jobs related to cutting, breaking, and pouring of new concrete.

About Us

About QC Concrete Cutting

QC Concrete is proud to provide industrial, commercial and residential concrete work in the city of Calgary and surrounding area.

We have a large range of different concrete cutting, breaking, preparation, and finishing tools. Our trained professional equipment operators can take care of all your projects.

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Why QC Concrete

  1. We have the right equipment
    Over the years we aquired a large range of equipment so we are ready to handle complex projects.
  2. We are professional
    We are dedicated to quality and service. We have a complete understanding of the cutting and coring process.
  3. We offer full services
    Due to the experience of our team we can do projects faster and at a competitive price.

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